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Mining vehicles and equipment is often operated around-the-clock in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The presence of flammable fuel and lubricating oils in close proximity with electrical hazards threatens a high fire-risk. A fire would cause extensive damage to equipment, production downtime and potential loss of human lives.

PYROGEN IPEX kit is a fire suppression solution designed for mining vehicles and mobile equipment operating under aggressive environments. It is a robust, reliable and effective fire protection system with no maintenance required.

PYROGEN IPEX has already successfully provided fire protection to mining vehicles and mining mobile equipment for Goldfields Mining (Western Australia), Sullair & Kaeser compressors at Cook Colliery (Queensland), Hyundai’s and Komatzu’s loaders and dozers worldwide.

PYROGEN IPEX kit is a simple manually-activated and stand-alone system. It includes just two components – the IPEX-15T extinguishing module and a manual pull-ring T-start activation device located inside a driver’s cabin (a second activation device can also be installed outside of the cabin).

Challenges to Fire Protection systems in Mining Industries & ADVANTAGES OF PYROGEN IPEX

  • Expensive maintenance for pressurized fire systems (foam, water systems etc)
  • PYROGEN IPEX is a non-pressurised system, with no liquids, no gases,  no gauges, no moving parts and requires no maintenance
  • Semi-open & open areas (not suitable for most of gaseous and gas-like agents)
  • PYROGEN IPEX is suitable for enclosed, semi-open and open areas.
  • Rapidly developing fires (most of foam and water based systems have slow  discharge up to 60 seconds)
  • PYROGEN IPEX offers impulse type rapid discharge up to 10 seconds, with early detection up to 6 seconds.
  • Interruption in operations (most of fire systems require a long downtime during changeover/expiry replacement)
  • PYROGEN IPEX ensures very short downtime – therefore no interruption to operations
  • Elevated ambient air temperatures in engine compartment (most of fire systems have temperature operation range only up to 60°C)
  • PYROGEN IPEX has temperature operation range up to 95°C ambient air temperature.
  • High vibration (resulting in caking, deterioration of agents)
  • PYROGEN IPEX is resistant to high vibration
  • Aggressive environments – salt sprays, dust etc
  • PYROGEN IPEX features heavy-duty execution and robust design
  • Activation Options
  • PYROGEN IPEX can be activated electrically or thermally, automatically or manually. Standard UL approved detectors with a fast (5-6s) response time.


We provides free-of-charge risk assessment, system design and quotation for your intended application.

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